Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Recently, I started to get interested in increasing my manga collection, but I came across a huge problem: the price of manga and the lack of money. Like most Otakus I am not super rich, but I still want to start collecting the manga of some of my favorite shows. I did little research such as watching  youtube videos about where to buy cheap manga and google searching "buy cheap manga" and came across the most obvious solution that I overlooked. The Internet!! 

I do online shopping all the time from school books to phone/computer charger and much more. Yet, why did it never crossed my mind to use online sites to buy manga. I mean, I have tried searching for manga on Ebay and Amazon, but they were the same price as buying them at a book store like Barnes&Nobles or more. 

Once I stopped thinking about how narrow-minded I was being about where to buy cheap manga, I came across a website I used to buy some of my college book:

Abebooks has hundreds of manga from Attack on Titans to Ao no Exorcist and it ranges from $3.99 to $6.00. There are some that are more than $9, but the website will ways show you manga from the lowest price to the highest price. I highly recommend to look for manga with free shipping because after selecting three different manga's with no free shipping, it can get really pricey and then the website would be like just like another Amazon and Ebay. 

Although I do not try to go on Ebay a lot to buy manga, sometimes there are some great prices on manga lots: where they sell more than one manga together at a good price. 

Lastly, I recommend the website, there are good deals on manga and they range from 3-5 dollars, but once again, the shipping cost may increase the total amount, so finding websites where they offer free shipping is a plus. 

If you know another website(s) that you feel like they sell cheap manga feel free to post it in a comment below so that others can check them out. 

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